This section of our site is dedicated to some very amazing local businesses. They are helping put into reach a local girl'

s big dream of helping the children at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Through donations and their help fundraising they are doing everything they can to help. These are businesses that help turn a town into a community. Thank you all so much.

Smokin' Brays' BBQ Restaurant


If you love BBQ, you are going to love Smokin' Brays' BBQ Restaurant. We have eaten here and love it. Great menu with an amazing selection and great pricing. We went in and spoke with Betty regarding fundraising. We are so thankful to Betty and Smokin' Brays' BBQ. Not only did she take the time to outline all the options that were available for fundraising but which one would most likely work best for us. She then took the time to make suggestions of avenues of fundraising that we did not even consider. Also, offering any help that we may need. Thank you so much to Betty and the entire crew at Smokin' Brays BBQ.   

Quality Since 1912


We have always loved shopping at Weis Markets in Hamburg. It is such a great store, that offers amazing services. The empolyees are always incredibly friendly, courteous and eager to help. We spoke with the store manager, Brian. We were met with such incredible generousity on behalf of Weis Markets. Brian assured us he and Weis Markets will do all that they can to help Alexandria, in her effort to help the children at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.