Alexandria's Official Outfitter - Cabela's


Most people know of Cabela's and the quality behind the brand. The wide selection of the worlds foremost outfitter. I want to tell you about the truly amazing part of Cabela's. The amazing outfitters, the huge hearts behind the brand. We were approached by the General Manager, Ed Bartolotta and Special Events Coordinator, Ron Leh, from the Hamburg, PA location. They approached us at the Hamburg Hoopla, with an incredible offer. They read an article printed in the Reading Eagle, they told us how moved they were by Alexandria's efforts. They wanted to make sure she had everything she needs to help the children and Families at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. They asked to be her official outfitter and with incredible excitement Alexandria accepted. When we met the outfitters to start gearing up, they were all amazing! Each outfitter knew her story and her love of St. Jude. They all seemed personally connected to Alexandria, her goal and helped her with such loving care.


These are just some of the incredible people we met with while Alexandria was selecting some of her gear. What you do not see, is when Alexandria sat in a dressing room crying. Why was she crying on such a happy day? She was overwhelmed with the love and the help she received. Every outfitter not only knew her story but truly believed in her and her cause. They all seemed truly personally connected to her journey. She also knows with Cabela's in her corner she is that much closer to achieving an amazing dream. The dream of helping her favorite charity, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Ultimately by helping St. Jude, she is truly helping the incredibly brave children and their families receiving love and care at St. Jude. It was about the children that Alexandria said, "Although I do not know them, I love them, I want to do all that I can to help all the sick children." Cabela's is helping her achieve this dream.


What meant the most to us, was that we were told only to make sure Alexandria has everything she needs, not to select a brand. With a huge selection at Cabela's that was very easy to do. 


Since picking up some of her gear, there is one thing Alexandria barely takes off. Her new Cabela's hat, first thing in the morning she puts on her hat. The last thing she does before bed is take her hat off. She loves Cabela's and is so appreciative of the help and support she is receiving. So are we, her parents. Thank you so much Cabela's and all the amazing outfitters!